Health and vaccinations

There are no mandatory immunisations required for visitors to Tajikistan though you should be current on Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio as well as Hepatitis A. Malaria is present in some parts of Tajikistan and we advise you to consult with your local doctor or travel clinic regarding the most appropriate vaccinations and preventative treatments.

Cultural Sensitivity

There are many opportunities to interact with localswho have their own unique customs and traditions. It is your responsibility to show respect and consideration to local people. Your tour-guides and tour-leaders will always be able advise you accordingly.

The first thing you should know about traveling through Central Asia is that most regions, especially the cities and towns, are more relaxed in their approach to Islam as compared to their counterparts to the south in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a Muslim area so it is crucial to be aware in specific places. Although both genders can wear shorts and T-shirts in the city, they should not wear long sleeves or T-shirts. But, those who visit active mosques should wear pants that are below the knees and wear tops which cover shoulders. A head scarf is also recommended for women. While on this tour, we’ll be travelling in quite remote areas which are rarely visited by tourists. Locals are extremely modest in their dress and you’re likely to feel more relaxed with your dress.

Language & Religion

Tajik is the official language of Tajikistan. Russian is still widely used in business and communication.

The majority of people adhere to Sunni Islam, with the minority of them following Russian Orthodox, Catholicism, Buddhism and Judaism.

Food and beverages

This tour focuses mainly on soups and meats. In remote and higher altitude areas vegetables are difficult to find. However, there’s a lot of dried nuts and dried fruits that you can enjoy.

In terms of alcohol, your options are mainly limited to vodka or beer, so those looking for something else – Scotch or Gin for example – should purchase it duty-free and bring it out. It isn’t easy to locate mixer drinks such as tonic water.

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