Kabis Environmental Services (KES), Colorado’s Premier Radon Mitigation Environmental Services Company

Radon exams are completed to appraise the presence, or no, of radon in your house. Using a radon test carried out your house will ensure if radon is found and your family safe. Radon is a very dangerous substance that induce cancer along with other medical problems.

Radon is often a radioactive gas links through the natural decay of uranium, which is within a lot of soil. This gas arises from the bottom into the air and can get involved your home through cracks within the foundation or gaps. Your house might trap radon inside therefore it may build up to really dangerous levels. Any home new or old will have a radon problem so it is vital that you have your property tested should you be concerned or have not already had your house tested.

Testing your own home for radon is a straightforward and quick process. An authorized inspector will come to your residence make some kind of device in your home to discover the amounts of radon present. The final results are rapid and very accurate. Since this gas cannot be seen or smelled it is crucial to have your own home tested. Besides the gas originate from soil and collect up, nonetheless it can also be inside your water so you’ll want to have your water tested too, particularly if a primary test shows amounts of radon present in your home. Maintaining your family safe is critical which means you really should have your own home tested for radon to ensure safety and health.

Our clients are a partnership with two environmental professionals at the helm. Tom Kabis posseses an MS in Environmental Science, JD and 43 experience. Stephen Sewalk, PhD in Civil Engineering, JD and experience in construction and environmental engineering. We opened KES because we have been concerned that RADON mitigation and testing companies operating in Colorado are testing improperly and installing RADON mitigation systems improperly. Simply speaking, from the hundred mitigation systems inspected fewer than 20% are set up properly as well as less are operating optimally. Demand a free inspection and evaluation; fair and honest. Radon, occurring naturally with the degradation (radiation) of Uranium, is often a Silent Killer and also the #2 reason behind lung cancer. Maintain your family safe with honest reliable professionals.

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