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Help Now Charities is surely an organization that is bent on empowering and assisting mankind around the world but our primary jobs are in Zimbabwe. In accordance with a U . n . report, Zimbabwe gets the worst mechanism in the World to look after the requirements it’s citizens especially children because of political, social and economic problems. The HIV/AIDS menace is responsible for great reduction in terms of parents who have died prematurely hence birthing a generation without parental care nor guidance. Most homeless youngsters are roaming inside the streets aimlessly with no proper food nor clothing. Education is costly and unaffordable for a basic and poor child. The cost-effective situation in Zimbabwe is at it’s worst and unemployment is looming high as well as the various plagues are eroding the fiber of the us. Help Now Charities is useful in offering the physiological, financial, emotional needs of those children. Help Now Charities works in collaboration with schools, churches, orphanages, foodbanks and organizations that are definitely on the cutting edge in functionally and efficiently alleviating the negative environment. Your donation is strongly appreciated by these kids since it will completely change the condition of the lifestyles and future.

Quick facts on Africa
• In Africa, children walk around 4 miles each day just to get water.
• Africa’s population will double to two.2 billion people by 2050.
• Africa may be the world’s poorest and many underdeveloped continent.
• Africa’s continental GDP makes up about just 2.4% of world GDP.
• About 40% of adults in Africa are illiterate.
• There are lesser people who have online connections in Africa than you can find in Nyc.
• 75 % of the world’s poorest countries are located in Africa.
• Extreme poverty is defined as living on $1.25 or less each day.
• 50% with the African inhabitants are in extremely poor.

Quick facts on Zimbabwe
• In 2008, Zimbabwe experienced a staggering 230 million % inflation.
• It has got the world’s highest inflation and unemployment rates.
• Manufacturing, mining, and farming which constitute the backbone of the Zimbabwean economy are all down.
• Blackouts are very frequent and random.
• Zimbabwe has among the lowest life expectancies on the planet.
• More than 1.5 million folks the nation live with AIDS.
• Zimbabwe is suffering from a shortage of medical researchers.
• 30% of people have problems with chronic malnutrition.
• About 4 million individuals are deemed “food insecure”.
• Chronic malnutrition causes 27% of children younger than five to experience stunted growth.
• 75% with the country’s rural households live on less than $1.25 daily.
• Zimbabwe is ranked 156 from 187 developing countries around the Global Hunger Index.
• Many Zimbabweans have left their property country in search of better living conditions.
• Many of their citizens are required to survive on only a meal each day as a result of food shortage.
Targeting in the wholeness with the human race.
Our vision is usually to be a nonprofit organization that targets at the wholeness from the mankind by providing exceptional services and experiences towards the neglected individuals in society inside a formatted, methodical, accountable and faithful manner.

Providing choice solution.
Our mission will be an organization that gives choice solutions, comfort that assist to families impacted by the HIV / AIDS, poverty, hunger and other connected problems through procuring, administering and distributing resources and services.

Help Now Charities is really a 501-C 3 organization.
Your donation is tax deductible.
More information about orphan you can check this site: click for more

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